From charts to chakra!

Free resources for traders.
Hand picked amongst the tens and tens of tools websites apps etc I’ve used in all these years..

In this time of global recession (you know it’s coming right?!) I thought of compiling useful material for you.

STOP watching screaming parrots on youtube! 😉

EDUCATE yourself! It’s the only way to prepare for an uncertain future.

In a “not totally logical” order, so don’t scroll to the bottom right away…or do!

Witty newsletter on finance and emerging tech

2 options here..actually 3:

  1. waste a ton of time reading the news and socials and fake news and oh gosh I’m tired already just thinking of it…
  2. subscribe to this witty super interesting newsletters from The Morning Brew: Emerging Tech and Finance.
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I have been using the Headspace app for quite some time now, I must admit it’s not very cheap, but they offer a free trial and plenty of free material on youtube with super nice animated videos. Yes even one about washing your hands mindfully!

What I really love about Headspace is the scientific approach to meditation, the sessions are set-up and organized like a true course on training your mind to work the best way it can! Incredibly useful for traders!

I could share with you the picture of the mouse I’ve smashed 2 years ago that day trading didn’t go too well…eheh just kidding, never happened.. ? I’m improving…


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Tim Ferriss

I do understand that for most of you to be able to learn how to trade well you need to make large changes in your work schedule etc, it’s not easy but it’s feasible.

Tim Ferriss shares some insights on how to obtain more time to work from home from your day job, if you don’t know Tim “where have you been all these years, on Mars???” read or listen at your own peril his book “4 hours work week“: it’s not about being lazy yet rich, it’s about managing your time well and set yourself free from blocks that might have been built from the primary school days…just read it!

Working from home

Remote flexi work: yes it exists, yes it pays real money not just vouchers and stuff, and yes it’s a great help for someone like me who wants every afternoon free to trade. Not easily fitted with a part-time job right? I understand your pain.

I have been doing “Google search results quality control” via Appen for nearly 2 years now, the video here explains it better, in a few words:

  • it’s not easy to get in: you need to be a pretty fast reader, the admission test is over 25 hours of study, and the quiz is hard!
  • it’s even hard to be admitted for the test, I guess is a bit about luck, don’t know…
  • But then it gets a lot simpler, with experience. Not easier, but simpler…
  • I have purchased specific monitor glasses and a vertical mouse, you might not believe it but it’s hard work.
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Psychology for traders

I stumbled upon Trading Composure some time ago, I find it a unique very honest project: I followed his “The Psychology of risk for traders” FREE mini course and found it very interesting!

And between you and me: his courses are real cheap at the moment, grab them before he grows and rises the price tags, it’s good quality material, really.

Yvan I want to collaborate WRITE ME BACK pleeeease! and you boys and girls please let him know you found his great website thanks to my tip!

Principles for success

Ray Dalio is an American billionaire investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist.

A bit of personal growth here and financial education, in his website you can find his “Principles for navigating big debt crisis” book for free, the Principles App for iOS and coming soon Android, and also the animated series, linked here on the right, enjoy!

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Investopedia is an American website based in New York City that provides investing and finance education along with reviews, ratings and comparisons of various financial products. There is just so much free info on their website, whenever you have a doubt about something more or less technical just check them out, either the economy section or the dictionary section will surely be of help. Oh yes and beautiful animated videos available too of course…

Free course on Forex (not only).

Babypips is one of the most popular websites for free education on forex trading, technical analysis etc you truly get everything you need out of this, no need to spend big bucks on other basic courses, and it’s very well organized, with quizzes and all the rest.

Save your money, and once you are done with this you’ll have a good idea of what you like and dislike about trading, if it is for you or not, then you might want to invest in seminars or strategy courses by traders you believe in, or a great live trading room on Market Profile trading like Will’s, time will tell you what resounds with you.

Trading platforms.

Probably the best most powerful web based charting and trading platform is Tradingview. But it’s also a place where to get your live economic news, a social platform, it’s better than anything else I’ve ever tried. So I keep my free account with a few charts, but from time to time I also purchased the pro service, for now it’s enough to know that you’ll never feel stuck, it’s very powerful. And it works of course everywhere, great for travelling.

Also Metatrader of course is a very popular platform, accepted by most (if not all) of the Funders I feature in the website.

Economic news LIVE SQUAWK

Get all the economic and finance news streamed live and even READ OUT LOUD for you by Financialjuice so you never miss that Donald’s tweet that will mess out your trade in 5″ from now!

It’s true It happens! All the time nowadays unfortunately! This is trading too…

You can customise what kind of news you’d like to see, by market, by source, it’s amazing.

Its competitors ask for hundreds of $ a month for similar services, no idea why this is still for free…enjoy!

I also have a page dedicated to the economic news with a specific angle towards the news that the Funders want you to avoid while trading their money: I find it very useful to check daily so I avoid losing the funded account due to a silly silly mistake.

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