All the Funders and Funding Programs: Futures Us, Futures EUREX, Forex, CFDs and Bitcoin.

In alphabetical order.

6 19 Funders and 28 98 Funding Programs!

This market is obviously growing fast! And it’s good news because with more competition I’m confident there will be better and better offers for us traders, at lower prices!

I have stripped all these of their original design, they look all similar and are just positioned in alphabetical order, to avoid all distractions and be as objective in our judgement as possible!

In the descriptions you’ll find videos (I’m adding these when I can) of introduction explaining how every Funder works, also links to the interview I’ve had with the founder (yes they are humans too!) and DISCOUNTS where available!

In addition you can visit the FundsFinder page to compare all programs side by side.

  • Forex, CFD BLUFX

    BluFX is a FOREX funder based in UK, offering funded accounts right away; it’s the only one, that I’m aware of, offering alongside a Lite and Pro funded account subscriptions, also a Sharia-compliant $50K Islamic package permitting swap-free trading. The Lite account is intraday only, while you are entitled to hold overnight in the Pro, […]


    City Traders Imperium is a Forex Funder with an innovative approach that is proving to be very popular: offering a smaller account directly in real with a set of rules similar to some other challenges, but a generous 12 months to complete it (flexible terms), and just 1 fixed payment fee, withdrawals are not allowed […]

  • Futures US EARN2TRADE

    Earn2Trade is an education company that teaches trading, and ensures to match its successful students with proprietary trading firms. The Gauntlet Mini is the most popular program, it allows you to trade CME, intraday only. there are no forbidden news whatsoever, and you will obtain funding after just reaching the profit target once!  (Update:EUREX isn’t […]

  • Forex, CFD, Futures ENFOID

     Enfoid is a funder for Forex traders, also Futures and Equities for inhouse traders, offering a high leverage of 1:100; requiring just a fixed payment, no monthly subscription, this fee is refundable. They require the trader to pass a free 14 days long pre-trial, then 2 phases: phase 1 with a 10% profit target and […]

  • Forex, Bitcoin FIDELCREST

    Fidelcrest is one of the newest companies on the market, it’s based in Hungary, backed by investors from Finland mainly, it’s a Forex funder; with rules similar to many others but it requires the trader to pass just 1 phase in a period in between 10 and 30 days, then depending on performance the profit […]

  • Forex, CFD, Bitcoin FTMO

    FTMO is proving to be very successful and popular. Based in Europe, conceived in 2014 in a small Prague office where a handful of young daytraders, including the three future founders, joined their forces and developed it further into an international project in 2017. With 2 “Verification” periods of 10 minimum days, and up to […]

  • Forex, Stocks US FUNDEDTRADER (not me, similar name only)

    Funded Trader (same name but it’s not my business, no relation whatsoever) is a funder based in London,UK, to traders of forex and also one of the very few offering NASDAQ and NYSE stocks trading, available in $, (but doesn’t onboard US Stock traders); providing an account in real right away, no demo, with just […]


    FUNDISUS is a FOREX and GOLD Funder based in Dallas, Texas, USA. They offer an account funded in real right away with 50% profit share, and they welcome EA hence automatic strategies. They offer capital increase every +10% in profit, only to the Elite Pro package though, at third increase the capital goes up to […]


    Kickstarttrading is a Forex educational company and funder based in Warrington, UK, available in £, fee payable in £ ; offering self-paced online training, daily analysis, trading tools and personal coaching; free trial available; the challenges consist of 1 fixed payment fee, just 1 phase in sim, with a minimum of 40 trades and maximum […]

  • Futures LEELOO

    Leeloo Trading is a Futures funder based in Montana USA, brought to you by Natural Trading. They pride themselves of having the fewest rules for their challenges, with just 1 phase to obtain funding in at least 10 trading days and low subscription fees. 3 rules: max daily loss(removed!), max trailing drawdown (CAREFUL here: unrealized […]


    Liberty Market Investment is a Futures (both US and EUREX!) traders recruiting and placement company: this means that they run directly the recruiting via challenges, and assign the traders to a third company that will provide fundings. They work with the VolFix Platform which is very efficient (risk management  built-in as per default) and well […]


    OneUp Trader is a Trader Recruiting and Placement Company: this means that they run directly the recruiting via challenges, and assign the traders to a third company that will provide fundings; which company will provide the funds is usually revealed when signing the contracts. It’s strength relies on the fact that it suffices to pass […]

  • Futures US EU SAVIUS

    Savius LLC is a boutique proprietary trading firm offering evaluation programs for all futures traders of CME and EUREX instruments; founded in 2015 by a team of italian traders in Chicago, since 2020 Savius is under new management, and offers 2 very interesting evaluation programs called Limitless and Limitless Pro. Its model requires to pass […]


    Speeduptrader is an intraday Futures US and EUREX funding program based in NY, USA. There is only 1 test phase to pass, then they will assign the trader with a live account funded by a third party. Speeduptrader own platform is provided for free (more platforms are allowed), with in-depth reporting displayed in its dashboard, […]

  • Forex THE5ERS

    The5%ers is a Forex Funder with an innovative approach that is proving to be very popular: offering a smaller account directly in real with a set of rules similar to some other challenges, but 2 to 6 months to complete it (low risk and aggressive), and just 1 fixed payment fee; any strategy is allowed […]


    Founded in 2012 by Michael Patak, a former Dow futures floor trader in Chicago, based in USA is probably the first and most popular online Funder, re-branded in 2021 as TOPSTEP. It’s strength relies on the fact that they provide the trading funds directly, have a large community of traders, very efficient customer support, and […]


    Traders4traders is a Forex educational company and funder based in NY, USA; offering training, in person and online, for a Diploma in Professional Forex Trading and guaranteed job placement by the T4Tcapital Incubator Fund; they even offer 100% tuition rebate: 100% of the profits go to the trader, so to cover in full the tuition […]

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