Funding Bot Automatic Trading

Funding Bot is here

The FUNDING BOTS are here!

Imagine having multiple accounts funded in real with 100K$ each, and:

having all your Challenge enrolment fees paid back to you!

a MT5 EA bot trading these automatically for you, day and night, you don’t even take a look at charts anymore,

without any input from your side (that’s actually a must! Don’t touch! Let it work)

a Hedge Bot hedging every single trade, with accordingly lowered sizes and opposite direction on a live account (yes, surpriiiise! You need a little money to invest.)

all the way until you make profit in the Funded Account: make profit, pay off the losses in the hedge account (less than 40% of the profits) and keep making money!

This is effectively a Near Zero Risk Strategy!

We cannot say it’s a zero risk strategy because there is still human error involved, so switch on your brain and behave yourself: for a steady sweet passive income!

Your risk?

The investment made in the yearly subscription to the bot itself:

and yet you are entitled to a full refund if you don’t get funded after 3 challenges, if you are giving up on it, +1000$ to help covering what you spent in challenge fees.

Forex at the moment.

Futures with NinjaTrader coming soon! (a couple of months)

All you need to do is: understanding how trading works,

invest some money in the Hedge Live accounts,

understanding that you will have to do some work!

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Near zero risk! Why?

Use the Hedge Bot!

They provide you with a bot that automatically will hedge the trades taken in the Prop Firm Challenge.

You’ll have to open an account and fund it with your money (money that you can withdraw at any time, you are in control);

the hedge bot will take opposite trades of the Challenge (with properly reduced size), so if you lose the challenge you made profit here to recover the costs of the enrolment fee.

Of course when you win the Prop Firm Challenge you make a loss in the Hedging Account but, but: you will make profit in the funded account! and the profits you’ll withdraw will be much higher than what you just lost here.


worse case scenario: you break even (lost the challenge and the fee paid, but made the same amount in profit in the hedge account)

best case scenario: you lose a fraction of the profits made when funded (these shall be much higher than the challenge enrolment fee).


If you don’t get funded after 3 challenges you can ask for a full refund from them, plus an additional 1000$ (to cover the fees you paid for 3 challenges, 1 of which shall be a free trial).

Just make sure to follow the rules to be entitled for this refund (like avoiding manual trading).

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Mention you finding this information on Funded Trader for priority access.

What can you do?!

Book a call with the provider of the bot so they can get to know you; remember to mention you got access through Funded-Trader for priority in enrolment.


they are very professional straight up people: they won’t keep you for hours in a sales pitch with the usual sales lines, they have too much demand for this product to waste your and their time; they just want to clarify that your expectations are right and you are aware of the kind of commitment you’ll need to prove to succeed.

We at Funded-trader have enrolled and we are trading on multiple accounts with their EA (we will post our results soon in this page); it’s not our own product, we are just going to introduce you to them.

After you enrol you will be assigned a success coach, for this reason there is a limited number of spots available, and filtering out non motivated traders is essential.

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Mention you finding this information on Funded Trader for priority access.