I have won the 150K$ Challenge by Earn2trade with my indicator.

Watch how I got funded 150K$ in just 10 trading days.

I am trading the ``15 Contracts`` Challenge by LEELOO with my indicator.

Simplify the process and anyone will be able to do it!

My indicator.

This indicator signals counter-trend moves  in price that are about to happen: 1 or 2 rotations; at times these changes in trend coincide with the low or high of the day.

I plan in releasing this indicator to the public on monthly subscription for affordability, and to a limited number of users only so to be able to provide the level of customer service that you deserve.

My Indicator for Sierra Chart: ideal for Futures contracts.

I’m releasing My Indicator for Sierra Chart only at the moment.

I am considering developing My Indicator for NinjaTrader as well but this won’t happen for at least another 5-6 months, first I want to make sure that you first users are satisfied with the product and especially that you are getting funded!

See in the report below how I basically haven’t had any losing day (I had a few but for just 1 tick, these days I only took a trade that lasted a few seconds) that’s the kind of equity line we must aspire to achieve all year round: small continuous increments in the profit line brings great gains!

My strategy to pass the 150K$ Challenge.

I have started this new series following the daily process of trading the Challenge (20% DISCOUNT here).

I have to obtain +6% in profit just once: this is the main reason for selecting Earn2Trade over the other Funders.

UPDATE: Since October 1st 2020 EUREX isn’t available anymore! 🙁 The second very valid reason being that it’s the only funder offering EUREX and I want to get involved in trading Mini-DAX.

Why purely Mini-DAX and ES?

To trade and win the challenge I have to be quite conservative: the allowed risk isn’t very high, so I stick to indexes; in particular the product I know the absolute best which is S&P500.

I am testing 3 different services which are affordable and yet extremely useful in analyzing market, obtaining great price levels, get prepared for each and every trading day. More coming out soon.

UPDATE: I’m still a member of the Retailfade Trading Room : Will sends out daily analysis, levels, and trades live ES during the US session 4 days a week. Due to a few recent changes in the service and the very high cost of the membership I prefer now to recommend the above mentioned services.

Why the 150K$ challenge?

I’m aware that this challenge is rather pricey, but I want to have the best chances of succeed, and the larger the account the larger the risk allowed.

What strategy have I used?

First of all the most important bit, the risk plan: I’m going to risk a maximum of 1.5% per day, and aim at making a profit of 0.5 to 1% a day, remaining realistic.

The trade size will be mostly 2 contracts per ES trade (50$ per contract per point), occasionally 4 contracts when the price action allows for a tighter stop loss order. and 2 contracts for Mini-DAX.

I will use the price levels provided by a third party by Retailfade, use my own analysis too of course, and especially my indicator.

This indicator clearly displays on the chart the candle where a counter-trend move is about to take place: I hope with my daily posts to be able to show you how efficient it is.

It also displays clearly where the stop loss should go, so it’s fairly simple to define the risk and stay within the limits defined by the Challenge rules.

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