Step by step to your Account

This is the ideal sequence of the many steps you need to follow in order to obtain funding: it won’t be easy, it will take time, hard work and a lot of confidence in yourself! You can do it!

Get to know the products

Future contracts and/or currency pairs

To know well 1 product is more than enough.

Pick 1 future contract and/or currency pair to study: for ex GOLD and DOLLAR YEN

Create a free Tradingview account

Study your charts: XAUUSD and USDJPY

Paper trade in Tradingview while respecting the combine rules

Grow in confidence and become profitable in paper mode

Start a free trial with one of the Funders

Be aware that results obtained during free trial may not entitle you to obtain funding.

Enrol in the trading challenge of your choice

With some Funders If you break any rule you can pay to reset the challenge

Pass the combine and move on to trade your Account

Some Funders requires you to pass the combine twice

Funder may ask you to pay for Data and Trading Platform Fees

Data fees are at a cost only for Futures, not Forex. Some of the available platforms are free.

Trade conservatively until your profit is much larger than the Max Drawdown

Lower the risk of losing funding: you can now start withdrawing part of your profits.

Some funders give you 100% share of first chunk of profit

Earn2Trade offers 80% of first $5k

Get paid!

You will be considered an independent worker, therefore you'll be responsible for your own taxes.

Zero risk!

All eventual losses are absorbed by the Funder.

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