Hedge your losses with Automatic Trading

Near zero risk! How?

Use the Hedge Bot!

The Hedge Bot (it’s called Titan) will take opposite trades of the Challenge (with properly reduced size), so if you lose the challenge you made profit here to recover the costs of the enrolment fee.

When Titan MT5 Bot keeps winning in the challenge you make a loss in the Hedging Account, yes a real loss!

But you’ll keep hedging until you are funded and making a profit.

Worse case scenario: you break even!

The Bot lost the challenge? And you lost the fee paid; but Titan Hedge made the same amount in profit in the hedge account; use this profit to pay for the next challenge.

Best case scenario: you lose a fraction of the profits.

We recommend you pause the Live Funded Account at +4% and withdraw.

As Titan kept making profit the Titan Hedge took a loss; use the profits you withdraw to refill the Hedge Account! Easy!

Keep Trading and hopefully making profit!

Your Funded Account is still live, so just keep it running!

We recommend to pause the account every time it hits +2% and withdraw your profit.

Trading is based on statistics: the market changes, and a winning strategy can turn into a loser quickly, so make sure to rip the gains whenever possible.


This image below clarifies how hedging works, step by step.

AKA: How to profit 1810$ from the markets with:

0 risk

0 skills

0 time on the charts

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These were my results. Your results will vary based on a variety of factors including Your education, effort, and market factors. There is no guarantee You will make any money. If trading, only trade with money you are willing to lose.

Disclosure: I am an independent Blue Edge Financial Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Blue Edge Financial. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Blue Edge Financial or its parent company, Blue Edge Financial LLC.

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