Interviews with the Funders

My interviews with the founders, the traders, the mentors, and more!

Otakar Suffner: co-founder of FTMO

funded-trader interview to the funder Otakar Suffner funder of FTMO forex

…Firstly, I don’t see myself as a successful person. There is just so much to do and so many things which can be improved. Nothing from what I have achieved, I have achieved alone

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Christopher Gray lead education coordinator at Earn2trade

“I believe that trading will always have a degree of human accessibility…”

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Tiziano Brunno: CEO of Savius

…As mentioned earlier, I joined Savius as a user and grew up within it.
Without this “lever” I would hardly have been able to take the step to go “pro”.
Before being funded, I had limited personal capital with which I felt the constant pressure of performance….

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Gil Ben Hur: co-founder of The5%ers

“..offering true funding of real trading capital from day one on the evaluation phase…”

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Vasyl from Liberty Market Investment

“..we came to a conclusion that however far you plan your trades, you need to be grounded on the intraday data to make your entries more accurate and reduce potential risks..”

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