AudaCity Capital Ability 60K 75pc



1 fixed payment.

Audacity Capital 60K 75pc gives the trader access to a forex trading challenge of 60K$ with 75% profit share.

In order to become a funded trader you’ll need to pass 2 phases of the challenge, with a limited time of 30 and 60 days: any trading strategy is allowed (great for EA algorithmic trading), you may hold trades open during night and over the week-end, while they don’t impose any restrictions over economic data releases and news.

And you haven’t heard the best bit yet: the 15% Max Loss Limit is STATIC! That is for phase 1, then moves down to 10%, which still is the best in the sector.

Founded in 2012 and based in Canary Wharf, London, UK, pricing in £.

Audacity Capital is a  historic Forex Funder, since 2012, based in London, you are invited to visit them in the heart of Canary Wharf.

Audacity Capital claims that the capital they provide you with is their own (unlike most Funders who rely on third party investors), therefore Audacity Capital is its own Liquidity Provider and they are able to offer you 0 commissions on trades and tight spreads.

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Additional information

Auto strategies p.1


Auto strategies p.2


Auto strategies R


Automatic Strategy


Capital increase

Not available

Daily loss limit

Yes restrictions

Daily loss p.1


Daily loss p.2


Daily loss R



Limited time

Duration p.1

30 days

Duration p.2

60 days

Economic news

No restrictions

Economic news p. 1

no restrictions

Economic news p.2

no restrictions

Economic news R

no restrictions

Fee refund

full refund with the first profit withdrawal

Free repeat

not available

Free trial

not available

Hedging p.1


Hedging p.2


Hedging R


Max fixed DD p.1


Max fixed DD p.2


Max fixed DD R


Max size p.1

depending on product

Max size p.2

depending on product

Max size R

depending on product

Min trading days p.1

7 days

Min trading days p.2

7 days

Min trading days R

7 days

Permitted products

CFD, forex


sim 2 phases

Profit - Drawdown

Smaller or equal to Max drawdown

Profit target p.1


Profit target p.2


Trader’s profit share


Trading hours p.1

no restrictions

Trading hours p.2

no restrictions

Trading hours R

no restrictions

Trading platforms

Metatrader 4