City Traders Imperium 2.5K 10K Evaluation 60pc 70pc



1 fixed payment

City Trader Imperium 2.5K 10K Evaluation 60pc 70pc is the program with 1 phase of evaluation using a 2.5K account in SIM; once passed the evaluation the trader is moved onto the funded account of 10K with 60% profit share.

Based in London, UK, pricing in £.

City Traders Imperium is a Forex Funder with an innovative approach: you can enroll in trading challenges such as this, or in a funded account directly, this is a more expensive option. The trader has up to 12 months to complete the challenge (flexible terms), once he passes successfully the evaluation the trader obtains access to the larger account with 60% profit share, this is increased with positive performance up to 70%.

During the real evaluation phase max loss is trailing, while in the funded account becomes fixed.

The withdrawals are paid out automatically every month, profits compound towards the final profit target objective without affecting the funded account growth.

Capital increase: every time the trader reaches +10% in profit the account nominal value is increased, up to 2M$ of capital.

CTI doesn’t disqualify its evaluation traders when making a mistake, they will simply exclude any profit made when violating the risk management rules.

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Additional information

Auto strategies R


Automatic Strategy


Capital increase


Daily loss limit

No restrictions

Daily loss p.1

no restrictions

Duration p.1

14 days

Economic news

No restrictions

Free repeat

not available

Free trial

not available

Hedging p.1


Hedging R


Max fixed DD R

5% 500$

Max size p.1

depending on product

Max size R

depending on product

Max SL per trade p.1


Max SL per trade R


Max trailing DD p.1

5% 125$

Min trading days p.1

30 days

Permitted products



sim 1 phase

Profit - Drawdown

Larger than Max drawdown

Profit target p.1

7% 175$

Trader’s profit share

50% 60% 70%

Trading hours p.1

no restrictions

Trading hours R

no restrictions

Trading platforms

Metatrader 4

Economic news R

no restrictions