Earn2trade The Gauntlet 25K 80pc


Earn2trade The Gauntlet 25K 80pc


1 fixed payment (refundable)

Earn2trade The Gauntlet 25K 80pc is the evaluation for CME futures traders with a 25K$ account and 80% profit share, based in USA, available in $.

It requires you to pass 1 phase only, The Gauntlet is very unique (and different from The Gauntlet Mini) since it offers:

fixed max drawdown, duration of 60 days, it allows as much risk as the profit target, and to hold positions open overnight.

Once you reach the profit target you’ll be guaranteed funding with its partner prop firm and trade in real.

Earn2Trade offers great quality trading education: a free Beginner Crash Course, the complete 4 months long course: the Bootcamp, free access to Journalytix.

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Additional information

Automatic Strategy


Capital increase

Not available

Daily loss limit

No restrictions

Daily loss p.1

no restrictions

Daily loss R

no restrictions

Duration p.1

60 days

Economic news

No restrictions

Economic news p. 1

no restrictions

Economic news R

no restrictions

Fee refund


Free repeat

not available

Free trial

not available

Futures live data p.1


Futures live data R

Deducted from account

Hedging p.1

not allowed

Hedging R

not allowed

Max fixed DD p.1

10% 2500$

Max fixed DD R

10% 2500$

Max size p.1

3 contracts follow scaling plan

Max size R

depending on product

Min trading days p.1

30 days

Permitted products

Futures US, Micro Futures US


sim 1 phase

Profit - Drawdown

Smaller or equal to Max drawdown

Profit target p.1

max tr

reset fee p.1

Not available

Trading hours p.1

no restrictions

Trading hours R

no restrictions

Trading platforms

Bookmap, Finamark, Jigsaw trading, Multicharts, NinjaTrader, Overcharts, Rithmic trader, Rithmic trader pro, Sierrachart, Trade navigator, Volfix

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