Earn2trade The Gauntlet Mini 25K 80pc


Earn2trade The Gauntlet Mini 25K 80pc


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Earn2trade The Gauntlet Mini 25K 80pc is the challenge with a 25K$ account and 80% profit share.

Earn2trade is a CME Futures traders’ funder, based in USA, available in $.

It requires you to pass 1 phase only, then you’ll be guarantee funding with its prop firm partner and trade in real.

Earn2Trade offers great quality trading education: a Beginner Crash Course and the complete 4 months long course: the Bootcamp.

No single trading day can account for more than 30% of the total net profit in a successful Gauntlet Mini.

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Additional information

Automatic Strategy


Capital increase

Not available

Daily loss limit

Yes restrictions

Daily loss p.1

2.2% 550$

Daily loss R

2.2% 550$

Duration p.1

no restrictions

Economic news

Yes restrictions

Economic news p. 1

no restrictions

Economic news R

no restrictions

Free repeat

not available

Free trial

not available

Futures live data p.1


Futures live data R

Deducted from account

Hedging p.1

not allowed

Hedging R

not allowed

Max size p.1

depending on product

Max size R

3 contracts follow scaling plan

Max trailing DD p.1

1500$, 6%

Max trailing DD p.2

1500$, 6%

Max trailing DD R

6% 1500$

Min trading days p.1

15 days

Permitted products

Futures US, Micro Futures US


sim 1 phase

Profit - Drawdown

Larger than Max drawdown

Profit target p.1

7% 1750$

reset fee p.1


Trading hours p.1

intraday only

Trading hours R

intraday only

Trading platforms

Bookmap, Finamark, Jigsaw trading, Multicharts, NinjaTrader, Overcharts, Rithmic trader, Rithmic trader pro, Sierrachart, Trade navigator, Volfix

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