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Make sure to unzip the file you download and open first the “read me.txt” file: I have included easy to follow instructions for install, set-up, and extra files to obtain the same charts as I do.


Analysis faster and better than you: it analyzes a number of different indicators and gives a buy or sell signal when divergence is spotted.

It spots a counter-trend move before it happens: it signals with great precision when price is about to rotate: this might be just a small rotation, or the low/high for the day hence spotting the start of a new trend.

It protects your Risk Plan: when a signal is confirmed you obtain both entry price and stop loss price.

Avoid overtrading: the way I recommend using it you should receive 2-3 very good and valid signals a day. If My Indicator doesn’t give a signal: it’s not time yet, be patient and wait.

Don’t stare at the charts: every time a signal is confirmed for a trade entry a candlestick is filled in with a different color and an audio alert comes off; I’m also working on improving NinjaTrader8 Market Analyzer so that this will display all instruments you select and display when a signal is confirmed, no need to have multiple screens with the charts open.

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Technical Details

Timeframe and Value Area.

FOMO Killer works on any timeframe: I personally find it more reliable on 15′ and higher; it automatically draws a “value volume area” on your chart, as per default in light purple and 70% (editable), this is the area of prices well traded and respected, for this reason the indicator does not give any signals if the candlestick touched it.


FOMO Killer analyzes a number of indicators to spot divergences, loss in momentum, and signals such events by drawing dots and triangles above and below the candlesticks.

When 3 dots appear on the same candlestick this might be considered a trade signal; each triangle is a valid trade signal on its own.

Confirmation and Alert.

In order to enter a trade we need a valid signal to be confirmed: this happens as soon as a following candlestick closes making a new low or new high (only if it hasn’t invalidated such signal first), when this happens the indicator colors in the body of the candlestick and sends off an audio alert. You might want to take every trade, or just the ones that fall in a price zone of interest: these are defined by a highly accurate analysis of the market profile by ConvergentTrading, I find these price levels extremely useful.

Risk Reward.

The stop loss for each and every trade is very simple to define as it’s established by the price action: the candlestick with the valid signal (not the following one that confirms) defines with its low, or high, the price where the Stop Loss Order should be placed; furthermore I recommend to off-set it by at least 3 ticks.


It’s up to the trader where to set the Take Profit Order. I personally use the price zones and the Pivots, and a trailing stop.

Another option might be to consider as take profit the next opposite valid and confirmed signal.

Note: load a minimum of 5 days for FOMO Killer to work.


S&P500, GOLD, CRUDE OIL : Week of 2021 May 17

S&P500 Week of 2021 May 10

FOREX Week of 2021 May 10

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