FTMO 100K 70pc



FTMO 100K 70pc is the challenge with a 100K$ account and 70% profit share.
FTMO is a Forex and CFD traders’ funder, based in Czech republic, Europe, available both in $ and €. It requires you to pass 2 phases: the Challenge and the Verification, then you’ll be funded directly and trade in real.With the first profit withdrawal the challenge fee is fully refunded.The capital will be incremented with 4 months long cycles following the scaling plan. Just click below and the 5% discount is applied automatically at checkout for Funded-trader.com readers.


FTMO is proving to be very successful and popular. Based in Europe, conceived in 2014 in a small Prague office where a handful of young daytraders, including the three future founders, joined their forces and developed it further into an international project in 2017. With 2 “Verification” periods of 10 minimum days, and up to 30 and 60 days, its strength lies on the traders support: Account MetriX, Statistical App, Mentor App, Trading Journal, Account Analysis. And it’s still the only funder offering a fixed max drawdown (not trailing), capital increase with proven profit, and they even allow you to run up to 3 challenges, hence having the chance to obtain funding for 3 accounts at once. DISCOUNT!

Watch the full introduction video on how FTMO Funding Programs work.

Visit FTMO from my affiliate link (thank you!) and the 5% discount is applied automatically at checkout for Funded-trader.com readers.

Find my interviews with the Funders on my website.

Additional information

Profit / Drawdown

Smaller or equal to Max drawdown

Fee refund

ask for info, available

Daily loss R

5%, 5000$

Duration p.1

30 days

Duration p.2

60 days

Economic news p. 1

no restrictions

Economic news p.2

no restrictions

Max size R

depending on product

Economic news R

Hold positions but don't operate during major economic news

Max fixed DD R

10%, 10000$

Free trial


Max size p.2

depending on product

Hedging p.1


Hedging p.2


Hedging R



1 to 100, ask for info

Max fixed DD p.1

10%, 10000$

Max fixed DD p.2

10%, 10000$

Capital increase


Daily loss p.1

5%, 5000$

Daily loss p.2

5%, 5000$

Fee payment

1 Time Only

Profit target p.2

5%, 5000$

Min trading days p.2

10 days

Economic news

Yes restrictions

Automatic strategies real


Automatic strategies phase 1


Automatic strategies phase 2


Automatic Strategy


Free repeat

ask for info, available

Trading platforms

C Trader, Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5

Min trading days p.1

10 days

Daily loss limit

Yes restrictions

Permitted products

CFD, cryptocurrencies, forex, Stocks US

Profit target p.1

10%, 10000$

Trader’s profit share



sim 2 phases

Trading hours p.1

no restrictions

Trading hours p.2

no restrictions

Trading hours R

don't hold over the week-end

Max size p.1

depending on product

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