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What are the Funding Programs?

And how to find the best one for you!

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We are featuring over 100 Funding Programs in this website, and the number is growing every day!

some programs require you to pass a TRADING CHALLENGE with a SIM account:

these may have a Duration limited in time: this can go from 14 days to 1 year, and you will pay a Single Fee.

Or be unlimited in time: in this case, you will pay a Monthly Subscription.

Some require you to pass 1 phase or 2 phases in SIM, others give you a real account right away or at phase 2:

70%,80% or even 90% profit share to the trader in the first case,

at a lower profit share to the trader in the case of Instant Funding: 50% most probably.

Use the FILTERS!

FOCUS on what is important for you:

Would you rather see only Funding Programs that offer a MAX STATIC DRAWDOWN?

Or perhaps only INSTANT FUNDING instead of Trading Challenges in SIM?

COMPARE all the Funding Programs.

There is a ton of information, rules, prices etc but we solve the problem for you:

Compare Funding Programs amongst different Prop Firms, side by side, easy peasy!


You can see the discounted price on every program (if it’s available).

We offer exclusive seasonal discounts, make sure to check them out here.

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Video tutorial on how to use the Fundsfinder: