LEELOO EXPRESS 100k 12 contracts 80pc



LEELOO EXPRESS 100k 12 contracts 80pc is the challenge that lasts just 14 days, with a nominal account of 100k$ that entitles you to trade up to 12 contracts, and 80% profit share (90% after 12 months of trading the funded account).

Leeloo Trading is a Futures funder based in Montana USA, brought to you by Natural Trading.

They pride themselves of having the fewest rules: max trailing drawdown and profit target, that’s it.

NO DISCOUNT is applicable to EXPRESS, it does to all other evaluation programs though.

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Beware of this: the max trailing drawdown takes in consideration both unrealized losses (like most funders do) and profits too: therefore always control the values in Rithmic to know your exact risk limits, this is clearly explained on LEELOO’s website.

Also during the evaluation phase the trailing drawdown doesn’t stop at initial balance.

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Additional information

Automatic Strategy


Capital increase

Not available

Daily loss limit

No restrictions

Duration p.1

14 days

Economic news p. 1

no restrictions

Economic news R

no restrictions

First withdrawal R

100% for first 8000$

Max size p.1

12 e-mini, 120 micro

Max size R

Accelerator or Investor?

Max trailing DD p.1

3% 3000$

Max trailing DD R

Accelerator or Investor?

Permitted products

Futures US, Micro Futures US


sim 1 phase

Profit - Drawdown

Larger than Max drawdown

Profit target p.1

6% 6000$

reset fee p.1

Not available

Trading hours p.1

don't hold over the week-end

Trading hours R

don't hold over the week-end

Trading platforms

ATAS, Motivewave, Multicharts, NinjaTrader, Rithmic trader, Sierrachart