LEELOO GLIDE 100k 20 micro contracts 80pc

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LEELOO GLIIDE 100K 20 Micro contracts 80pc is a program for CME Futures traders, allowing to use up to 20 micro contracts and rewarding with 80% profit share (90% after 12 months of trading the funded account).

It requires you to pass 1 phase, minimum 10 trading days, then you’ll be funded directly and trade in real. The first 8K $ in profit belong for 100% to the trader.

Leeloo Trading is a Futures funder based in Montana USA, brought to you by Natural Trading.

They pride themselves of having the fewest rules: max trailing drawdown and profit target, that’s it.

This is the only challenge with STATIC drawdown, and it allows holding trades overnight (3 micro contracts maximum).

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This is one of the very few programs offering a STATIC max loss.

Read my interviews with the Funders.

Additional information

Automatic Strategy


Capital increase

Not available

Daily loss limit

No restrictions

Duration p.1

no restrictions

Economic news p. 1

no restrictions

Economic news R

no restrictions

First withdrawal R

100% for first 8000$

Max drawdown


Max fixed DD p.1

0.63% 625$

Max fixed DD R

0.63% 625$

Max size p.1

2 e-mini, 20 micro

Max size R

Accelerator or Investor?

Min trading days p.1

10 days

Permitted products

Futures US, Micro Futures US


sim 1 phase

Profit - Drawdown

Larger than Max drawdown

Profit target p.1

2% 2000$

reset fee p.1


Trading hours p.1

no restrictions

Trading hours R

no restrictions

Trading platforms

ATAS, Motivewave, Multicharts, NinjaTrader, Rithmic trader, Sierrachart