Liberty Market Investment 50K 80pc

Original price was: 155,00$.Current price is: 116,25$.


Monthly subscription.

Liberty Market Investment 10K 80pc is the program for EUREX and CME Futures with a 10K$ account and 80% profit share.

The first 8K $ in profit belong for 100% to the trader.

LMI is based in UK, available in $, it requires you to pass 2 phases, with a minimum of 5 and 8 days, then you’ll be funded and trade in real; when you pass the first phase you obtain free access for the first month to the second phase.

It’s interesting to know that if you have a bad start in the Funded Account: before hitting 2/3 of max loss you can return to phase 2 for free, after that (but before hitting the max loss) you can return to phase 1 for free.

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They work with the VolFix Platform which is very efficient (risk management built-in as per default) and well known for its volume analysis and available for free for the first month; also the free Volfix Order Window is available once funded if the trader doesn’t wish the paid for version.

LMI run occasional contests where a free entry to a challenge can be won by a trader.

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Find my interviews with the Funders on my website.

Additional information

Automatic Strategy


Capital increase

Not available


Unlimited time

Economic news p. 1

no restrictions

Economic news p.2

Do not hold any position during major economic news

Economic news R

Do not hold any position during major economic news

Fee payment

Monthly subscription

First withdrawal R

100% for first 8000$

Free repeat


Free trial


Max size p.1

5 e-mini, 50 micro, follow scaling plan

Max size p.2

5 e-mini, 50 micro, follow scaling plan

Max size R

5 e-mini, 50 micro, follow scaling plan

Max trailing DD p.1

4% 2000$

Max trailing DD p.2

4% 2000$

Max trailing DD R

4% 2000$

Min trading days p.1

5 days

Min trading days p.2

5 days

Permitted products

Futures EU, Futures US, Micro Futures US


sim 2 phases

Profit - Drawdown

Larger than Max drawdown

Profit target p.1

5.6% 2800$

Profit target p.2

5.6% 2800$

reset fee p.1


reset fee p.2


Trading hours p.1

intraday only

Trading hours p.2

intraday only

Trading hours R

intraday only

Trading platforms