The5%ers 100K bootcamp 50pc to 80pc

Original price was: 85,00$.Current price is: 80,75$.


1 fixed payment: 85€ to enrol, 215€ AFTER you pass the challenge and obtain funding.

The5%ers 100K Bootcamp is the program offering forex traders the opportunity to obtain 100K$ in funding by paying a small part of the enrolment fee at 85€; the trader will pay the rest of the enrolment fee (250€) only when he passes the 3 phases of the trading challenge.

The challenge is split in 3 phases: the profit target for each phase is 8%, while the maximum loss is 5%.

The account tiers for each phase are 25K$, 50K$ and then 75K$; every time this account grows by 5% the capital is increased to the next tier by 25K$; once the trader passes all 3 phases he obtains a funded account with profit split of 50%.

The profit split to the trader also grows together with positive performance all the way up to 80%.

You may have a maximum of 3 accounts at a time and you must use different trading strategies, no copy trade.

The challenge is considered as failure if you incur in 3 risk violations: for example, forgetting to set the stop loss order, or risking more than 1% on a single position are considered as a single risk violation.

The5%ers is based in UK and Israel, it’s growing very fast and offers great customer support in multiple languages, free 1 on 1 performance coaching, webinars, full account statistics, it is a community to be part of with a live trading room 4 days a week!

Withdrawals are of course allowed, automatically paid out every month, and are independent of account growth.

5% CASHBACK : it will be applied automatically when you use my link, it’s not a discount: you will receive the 5% cashback 1 to 2 weeks after you enrol.

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Additional information

Auto strategies R


Auto strategies R eval


Automatic Strategy


Capital increase


Daily loss limit

No restrictions


12 months, Limited time

Duration R

no restrictions

Economic news

No restrictions

Economic news R

no restrictions

Economic news R eval

no restrictions

Fee payment

1 Time Only, after winning the challenge

Free trial

not available

Hedging R


Hedging R eval


Max size p.1

depending on product

Max size R

depending on product

Max SL per trade p.1


Max SL per trade p.2


Max SL per trade p.3


Max SL per trade R


Max trailing DD p.1

5% 1250$

Max trailing DD p.2

5% 2500$

Max trailing DD p.3

5% 3750$

Max trailing DD R

4% 4000$

Permitted products



sim 3 phases

Profit - Drawdown

Larger than Max drawdown

Profit target p.1

6% 1500$

Profit target p.2

6% 3000$

Profit target p.3

8% 6000$

Profit target R

5% 5000$

Trading hours R

no restrictions

Trading hours R eval

no restrictions

Trading platforms

Metatrader 5