The5%ers aggressive 6K 24K 50pc


The5%ers aggressive 6K 24K 50pc

275,00$ 261,25$


1 fixed payment.

The5%ers Aggressive 6K 24K 50pc is the program offering to forex traders an account directly in real with 6K$ and 50% profit share, with between 2 and 6 months time to reach the profit target, then the account is increased to 24K$,

The5%ers is based in UK and Israel, it’s growing very fast and offers great customer support in multiple languages, free 1 on 1 performance coaching, webinars, full account statistics, it is a community to be part of with a live trading room 4 days a week!

AGGRESSIVE: the Profit Target is higher and the duration is shorter than LOW RISK, but the trader has more flexibility as the Stop Loss order is not compulsory for every trade.

Every time the trader reaches +10% in profit the account nominal value is doubled!

Withdrawals are of course allowed, automatically paid out every month, and are independent of account growth.

5% CASHBACK : it will be applied automatically when you use my link, it’s not a discount: you will receive the 5% cashback 1 to 2 weeks after you enroll.

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Additional information

Auto strategies R


Auto strategies R eval


Automatic Strategy


Capital increase


Daily loss limit

No restrictions

Daily loss R

no restrictions

Daily loss R eval

no restrictions

Duration p.1

up to 6 months

Duration R eval

2 months

Economic news

No restrictions

Economic news R

no restrictions

Economic news R eval

no restrictions

Free repeat

not available

Free trial

not available

Hedging R


Hedging R eval


Max size R

0.30 lots

Max size R eval

0.30 lots

Max trailing DD R

4% 250$

Max trailing DD R eval

4% 250$

Min trades R eval

20 days 40 trades

Permitted products



real evaluation 1 phase

Profit - Drawdown

Larger than Max drawdown

Profit target R eval

12% 720$

Trading hours R

no restrictions

Trading hours R eval

no restrictions

Trading platforms

Metatrader 5

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