Trader2B 100K 75pc

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Monthly subscription.

Trader2B 100K 75pc is the program for Stocks traders offering a 100K$ account and 75% profit share to the trader, based in Florida, USA, available in $, since 2006.

It requires to pass 1 phase only in the evaluation program called ToroChallenge® and offers unlimited time to reach the profit target of 6% with a minimum of 200 round trades and obtain funding.

The enrolment fee is refundable and they offer a capital increase.

Or you might provide them with solid trading record and obtain funding without enrolling in the evaluation program.

Only intraday is allowed, you must use the Haywood Trader App, follow few rules such as Max trade size, Max Daily Loss, Max Drawdown, and reach the profit target.

Trader2B offer trading analytics and a free video course of over 20 hours.

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Additional information

Capital increase


Daily loss p.1


Daily loss R


Free trial


Max trailing DD p.1

3% 3000$

Max trailing DD R

3% 3000$

Min trades P.1

200 trades, 50% of trades must be profitable

Permitted products

Stocks US


sim 1 phase

Profit - Drawdown

Larger than Max drawdown

Profit target p.1

6% 6000$

Trading hours p.1

intraday only

Trading hours R

intraday only

Trading platforms

Haywood Trader App