Prop Firm Trading Course

The experts, the trading rooms, the market analysis I rely on.

We traders have different styles, strategies, and personal taste: but I have tried many many different services and solutions in these years, I hope to help you in saving a whole lot of time that by following my recommandations.

Desire To Trade.

Ultimate Prop Firm Trading Course!

Desire To Trade is the project founded by Etienne Create, based in Canada, aka “the traveling trader”, it’s a complete course for traders of any level who wish to obtain funding from a Prop Firm.

What will you get in this course?

  • 9 weeks of mastery course.
  • trading strategies suited for the prop firms’ challenges.
  • risk management plan.
  • lifetime support and even a monthly mastermind call to connect with other funded traders.
  • bonus: complimentary prop firm challenge.


Find all the details about this course on Desire To Trade’s website.

1000 Pip Climber System.

100% rule-based Forex system for MT4.

This is the best (in 3 years: 20,000 pips with low drawdown!) and most affordable system I found for forex trading, now on offer at just 299$ 97$ for a lifetime license, no recurring payments.

It is a fully mechanical system for MetaTrader 4, the trading platform accepted widely by all prop firms, easy to install and follow: you will obtain trading signals directly in MT4, with entry points, stop loss and target.

Even if you dislike (as I do) copy-trading and trading signals, I believe this might be a valuable addition to your trading: use these signals to compare with your own analysis, and follow them to trade your forex challenge.

Notifications: as standard you can set up, with no additional cost, audio, visual, and e-mail signals; so you don’t need to stare at the screen and you won’t risk losing a good trade.

Learn more about 1000 Pip Climber System.

Convergent Trading

This is by far the best daily analysis on S&P500 you can obtain for FREE!

It starts 30′ before US market open and lasts 20′ : he makes a market analysis, gives a great read of the market profile, and he gives away his trade plan, just tune in on his youtube channel.

If then you like what you see, as I did, you might decide to enrol with his service at Convergenttrading : you are not going to find better levels for futures anywhere else! They also provide an indicator for NinjaTrader so all the levels (or Stalkzones as he calls them) are automatically inserted in your charts and updated daily, for all these products: ES, NQ, RTY, YM, FDAX, ZN, FGBL, CL, GC.

The price levels make it worth the price on their own: you save hundreds of hours of analysis, and you will learn to improve your knowledge of the market profile; but in addition to these you will get professional economic news live feed, a live chatroom,  an extensive archive of webinars, statistical reports, etc..


If you are a forex trader you must take a look at the services offered by SimplerTrading: the team is composed of over 15 highly professional traders and educators, all material is of very high quality, but it’s not just forex, is also futures, options, market analysis, strategies, indicators, trading courses, webinars, a live chatroom, everything.

Shadow Trader.

In addition to Convergent Trading you might want to take in consideration Peter’s Premarket Perspective: for a small monthly fee you have a detailed analysis on market profile of many futures contracts.

also his youtube channel offers plenty of info.

I also recommend a bunch of free resources here and reliable sources for economic releases and news.