Psychology is 80% of success

The trader’s success amounts for over 80% to his psychology.

This is the first argument you might want to start reading about: it’s going to be a lot of work, it will take time, and you’ll become a good trader and a better person!

Psychology for traders

I stumbled upon Trading Composure some time ago, I find it a unique very honest project: I followed his “The Psychology of risk for traders” FREE mini course and found it very interesting!

And between you and me: his courses are real cheap at the moment, grab them before he grows and rises the price tags, it’s good quality material, really.

The importance of the trading journal from the best trading psychologist EVER trust me!

Dr Brett Steenbarger is possibly the most experienced traders psychologist out there today!

His blog is the most read on the web (and it surely isn’t so because of fancy graphics) and his books should be on your bedside table at all times, I’ve read only “The daily trading coach” and I found it amazing and incredibly clear, direct, practical.

So thanks to Journalytix for sharing this webinar, this material isn’t easy to get hold of so, enjoy!