Learn, watch and copy how Will realizes over 1200 points a year in the Retailfade Trading Room!

Live trading e-mini ES on a real account with Orderflow and Market Profile.
Now also available for EU markets and commodities: FTSE, miniDAX, gold.

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“It’s all about the flow of smart money

following the 10% fading the 90%”


This is what Will does. Actually what Will has been doing for many many years.

Don’t be concerned if you are new to Orderflow and Market Profile: Retailfade offers a complete course included in the membership.

Check Will’s results day by day.

Now available also for the european session: receive daily analysis, price zones and trade ideas that are followed up on the chat in Slack (not just trading signals); and watch Will’s charts live (no commentary here though), so if you trade CFDs you don’t even need to pay all the EUREX and COMEX data to get analysis on volumes etc.

In the live trading room e-mini ES is being traded: for the majority only during the US morning session, that is 9:30 to 12:00 New York time.

E-mini ES is the future contract with the highest volumes, and Will manages to profit from it over 90% of days, in a little over 3 hours work.

There are no fancy indicators to learn, all Will does is interpreting volumes of orders: through the DOM, the footprint, the market profile, and keeping an ear on the live squawk (that’s a service that reads out economic news right when they happen, not 5′ later, this alone would cost hundreds of $ a month)… it’s the result of over 20 years of experience trading the very same product!

I strongly believe that having access to such a resource is priceless.

Watch video on the right (ENG-ITA) with a full session of Will’s room (from minute 15).

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Retailfade offers:

Retailfade Levels and zones of support for ES, FTSE, DAX, GOLD and more (do you really need more? I thought so..)

daily analysis report, price zones, trade ideas, and trading plan for the day.

Chat in Slack for the ongoing conversation all day long, Live trading room, including all analysis and levels, variety of payment methods.

Proprietary indicator for Ninja Trader 8 and Sierra Chart: all levels get uploaded and drawn down automatically on your chart!!!

In conversation with Will from Retailfade.

Take the time to listen to Will chatting about his experience as a trader and I promise you’ll want to learn more from him!

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