This Funder has the most interesting approach to recruiting Funded Traders that includes training and a proprietary set of tools and strategy; discount available.
They even offer a full refund of sign-up fee when you pass the challenge, or to keep you on-board if you didn’t manage to win the challenge but followed all the rules.

The Challenge with Savius is composed of 2 phases with a predefined limited time to pass, 10 consecutive days of trading for phase 1, and 20 consecutive trading days for phase 2.

You pay for just the first phase, and if you pass it you get refunded straight away!

Tap in the extensive experience developed by Pietro Terzano in more than 20 years of trading by enrolling in the full training by Savius.

Savius is the only funder who also provides a complete semi-automated trading strategy.

Watch the video of intro to Savius’ services!

Trading Futures

Account Size??% Profit Share
  •     Preparation
  •     Strategy
  •   PHASE 1
  •     Trading hours
  •     Permitted products
  •     Profit Target
  •     Maximum Position Size
  •     Daily Loss Limit
  •     Max Total Loss
  •     Trader's profit share
  •    Platform fees
  •     Broker fees
  •     CME data fees
  •     Major economic releases
  •   PHASE 2
  •     Profit Target
  •     Max Total loss


$20KLeverage applies
  • No coaching required
  • Trader's choice
  • 10 consecutive days
  • Starts at 5 PM CST and ends at 3:15 PM CST, excluding week-ends and holidays
  • A selection of CME future contracts
  • $ 2,000
  • 2 Contracts (depending on product)
  • $ 750
  • $ 1,500
  • 70%
  • Deducted from the account balance but not charged if balance is negative Sierra Chart or InfinityAT Trading DOM only
  • $ 2,50 per contract round trade
  • Deducted from the account balance but not charged if balance is negative (about $80 per product group)
  • Do not hold any position during these news
  • Repeat Phase 1 with a few different rules
  • 20 days of trading
  • $ 3,000
  • $ 2,000

Slope Rider

Semi-automated trading: the perfect counter-trend strategy!

The SLOPE RIDER is a complete trading strategy developed by Savius to help its traders.

It is mostly a slow pace, swing system.
The concept behind it is simple: the algo uses proprietary indicators to spot market price divergences.
I have traded with great success using the Slope Rider Strategy, the secret is to filter out all the signals with lower chance of success.

Read all about it and find a very generous discount for it in my dedicated page to the Slope Rider Strategy.


Remote Prop Training

The ultimate training for professional traders.

From the foundation of trading to the most sophisticated technical analysis, this course not only prepares the beginner but also the more experienced to a truly professional approach to trading.

Learn the mindset of a professional trader.

Learn the market dynamics and how to properly assess risk.

Learn how to create your own trading plan and how to manage trades and positions.

Read all about it on Savius website.

Read the interview to Pietro Terzano, the founder of Savius.

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