Slope Rider Strategy

The Slope Rider by Savius is a complete semi-automated trading strategy, works on all futures contracts and it’s very easy to use.

How does it work:

The Slope Rider is a proprietary strategy developed by Pietro Terzano, founder of Savius, is the result of 20+ years of experience in trading.

I like to call it “the ideal counter-trend strategy to get funded“: it analyses a large number of indicators, hence taking in account changes in price, volume, velocity, and it colors candles and draws dots and arrows on the chart for you when a strong divergence is in place.

Simply brilliant!

As if that wasn’t enough it’s also capable of auto-trading: you select the amount of $ you can risk for each trade, the time of day you want it enabled, the areas of price where you are interested in trading long and short, and let it do its work! It’s even capable of auto-trailing the stop for you.

But if you want to manage things manually, as I do, it’s very simple to do so as well.

On which trading platforms:

At the moment is available only for SierraChart; I personally moved to SierraChart just because of the Slope, and for as reluctant as I was to do so, I am very happy I did.

First of all it’s a cheap platform, I am paying about 33$ a month (there are cheaper options too, 22$ I believe?!) and with this subscription I am able to install Sierrachart multiple times in the same computer, hence having a variety of different accounts with different funders and challenges! Imagine trading 3 challenges instead of 1 with the same little effort, and obtaining 3 accounts at once! Keep the risk very tight and triple your profits!

I love the simplicity of the chartbook files: just use the SLOPERIDERPRO.cht file that Savius provides you with and you are ready to roll! All the indicators, all the charts settings, it’s everything there!

Is it profitable:

As Pietro likes to say: every trading strategy is like a dress that you need to tailor yourself based on your own trading style.

I, for one, like to use it on the 15′ charts, even though Pietro uses it on the 5′; the course provided by Savius together with the indicator teaches you how to analyze charts and make a trading plan in order to filter some of the signals out and only take the ones with the highest chance to be profitable.

A small selection of my posts reporting valid and profitable signals by the Slope Rider

2019-05-10 1 trade, 28 points in ES! at leeeeeast!

2019-04-02 6 points profit courtesy of the Slope Rider signal.

2019-03-28 Did the Slope Rider just signaled the very top for today in ES? Profitable for over 10 points.

2019-03-27 Slope Rider valid buy signal in such a difficult bearish day to trade.

2019-03-25 Slope Rider 2 valid buy signals e-mini ES for over 40 ticks each.

2019-03-20 Slope Rider signal for over 40 ticks in Gold on FOMC interest rate decision day.

2019-03-15 Slope Rider signals 2 profitable short trades in e-mini SP500.

2019-03-14 Slope Rider signals a highly profitable low risk trade.

How much does it cost?

This is Savius Special offer:

Additional 20% discount for you!

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