The golden rule of trading: preserve your trading capital! Cut losses short!

Daily Loss and Max Trailing Drawdown are the most important details when selecting your challenge.

Numbers don’t lie, say that the Profit Target is $3K for example, what you’ll need is:

trade 1 contract (worth 100K), 1 order a day, and make +0,20% on the price, equaling to about $200 a day; multiply this for 15 days and you’ll obtain funding.

Obviously nobody can have 100% winning trades, and we have to include the broker fees, so it will take a bit longer than this, should we double it? 30 trading days, that’s about a calendar month and a half; with rock solid risk and money management you can do it!

What’s the beauty of trading? That once you have proven that you can trade profitably with your own strategy, even once funded with real money, you may raise the trading position to, say 3 contracts, to triple your income!
But remember: don’t get greedy or the market will take it away from you!

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