Work from home, in total freedom, and make an above average income!

You don’t need any specific education nor investing capital! Actually: you should NEVER risk your money! What you will certainly need is to invest in yourself with study, as much time as you can find, and the fee to access the simulated trading challenge.

I will guide you to Success!

The purpose of this website isn’t of teaching trading nor selling any course, but to inform, guide and give the tools necessary to win the challenge and become a Funded Trader! I’ll talk about trading Futures Contracts as well as Forex, technical analysis with Tradingview, which source for economic news are best, as well as going to the true heart of trading: psychology of the trader, and rock solid risk and money management!
I won’t lie to you: it’s not going to be easy, you’ll need passion for it, time, and money; the result could be amazing for your future: you can build long lasting skills and a true profession for yourself!
I’ll be here to compare all offers available: these companies will set-up a trading account with their own capital for you to trade, and will share up to 80% of the profits with you! Even give you as much as 100% of the first $8k in profit!
Yet my main job will be to slow down your enthusiasm and greed (yes we all get greedy at times), strengthen your discipline and raise your confidence.
As my mantra goes: Patience, Discipline, Confidence!



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